Appetizer Platters

Choose from a variety of 25-piece trays for your guests to enjoy with drinks
during your wedding photography session.

~Costa Rican Flower Tray – $20:
Herbed Hibiscus butter topped bread slices

~Mexican Guacamole Tray – $25:
Cilantro-lime topped bread slices

~Trio of Cheeses Tray – $25:
Cubed Monteverde Cheddar, Mozzarella and Turrialba on sticks with olives

~French Melodic Tray – $40:
Mini fresh mushroom bruschettas with delicate mushroom sauce

~Heart of Palm CanapĂ© Tray – $40:
Toasted baguette with heart of palm canapé

~Sea Shrimp Tray – $45:
Mini white wine-baked shrimp bruschettas

~Smoked Salmon Dip – $45:
Prepared with cream cheese and fresh herbs, served with toasted baguette slices.

~Peruvian OR Costa Rican Ceviche – $45:
Served with tortilla chips.

~Hummus Dip – $25:
A Middle Eastern chick pea and sesame dip served with toasted baguette slices.

~Eggplant Dip – $25:
A Middle Eastern baked eggplant and sesame dip served with toasted baguette slices.

~Mini Pinchos – $30:
Mini Pinchos with Cucumber, Cheese and Olives.

~Yucca Bites with Pink Sauce – $20:
Crispy yucca bites with a delicious pink Sauce(yucca, or cassava is a Latin American root vegetable similar to potatoes).

~Fresh Tropical Fruit Tray- $15:
Seasonal tropical fruits

~Truffles Tray – $30:
3 types of house-made truffles rolled in cacao, coconut and mint

Note: a 10% Food & Beverage Gratuity will be added to al F&B items.