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Welcome to Spa Ylang Ylang


Welcome to our on site Spa, a peaceful haven where treatments are given to care for your body and mind, surrounded by nature and harmony. We invite you on the Spa Ylang Ylang journey inspired by the most natural of ingredients found in Costa Rica.

Spa Ylang Ylang has sought to procure only the best ingredients and rigorously controls both origin and quality. On site spring water, tropical essential oils and fresh tropical fruits restore and balance your outer beauty and inner health.

One of our many ingredients used is the exceptional Ylang Ylang flower or Cananga Odorata, which is known as the “flower of flowers”. Only the classiest perfumes contained and still do contain Ylang Ylang. Still, Ylang Ylang is not simply a scent It checks rapid breathing, slowing the heartbeat. It balances skin conditions and stimulates the scalp promoting luxurious hair growth. It is excellent for regulating adrenaline flow, creating an overall sense of joy.

Spa Ylang Ylang, in its spirit of natural excellence, invites you to enjoy your wellness journey as your skin is revitalized, your energy restored and balance is achieved throughout your body and soul.


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