Tortuga Island adventure in Costa Rica!

One of the most popular Montezuma activities while on vacation to Costa Rica is the day trip to Tortuga Island!

Tortuga Island Beach Tour

White sand beaches and clear blue water at Tortuga Island.

The day begins by meeting the boat at the beach in Montezuma, from there it is a 45 minute boat ride along the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. The boat ride takes you past many secluded beaches and jungles. Including a glimpse at El Chorro Waterfall, one of seven waterfalls in the world that falls into the ocean!

Tortuga Island Boat Tour

Boat Ride to Tortuga Island

Once you arrive near the island, the boat stops to allow you to snorkel and explore some caves and sea life. After snorkeling, the boat takes you to the Island to eat lunch, options include fish, chicken, or vegetarian. After lunch, you can take time to explore the island. There are animals to observe, kayaks to rent or banana boat rides!

Adventure at Tortuga Island

Banana boat adventure at Tortuga Island.

The tour includes the boat ride, snorkel gear, lunch, and drinks (including beer!). Be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and towel. It’s a fun day in the sun!

Costa Rica Beach Vacation

Montezuma Beach

While your vacation to Costa Rica can offer great adventure, wildlife and activities, it can also provide a fun and relaxing vacation right from the comfort of your lounge chair or beach towel. Costa Rica is famous for it’s incredible beaches. The beaches of Montezuma are no exception. They are beautiful, expansive and truly natural. Bring a book, grab a cold drink, or spend most of the day in the surf. The beaches also offer many spaces to hang a hammock or relax in the shade. Montezuma Beach

Depending on which beach you decide on, the water can be great for swimming, surfing, boogie boarding and/or snorkling. The water is the perfect temperature year round to spend the whole day swimming. Here at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort we offer boogie board and surf board rentals, flippers and masks to add to your beach vacation. We offer lounge chairs on the beach and beach towels to make your time on the beach more comfortable. There are plenty activities to keep yourself busy with here in Montezuma, but don’t forget to enjoy the perfect Costa Rica beach vacation.

The Montezuma Waterfalls

A favorite activity in Montezuma is the hike to the Montezuma Waterfalls. Not for the faint of heart, the walk to the falls does require climbing some rocks and walking through parts of the river. However, once you arrive at the stunning waterfall, you are rewarded with a beautiful, cool, fresh water pool for swimming, large rocks to climb and sun yourself on, and huge falls to play in. Exploring the river, waterfalls, and jungle surrounding the falls is a wonderful way to spend the day. A perfect activity to add some adventure to your vacation to Costa Rica. Montezuma Waterfalls

Adventure in Montezuma, Costa Rica

This post is for all of the adventurous travelers out there. Montezuma offers a number of exciting adventures for all types of adventurers to add to your vacation to Costa Rica.

The Thrilling Adventure:Zipline adventure in Costa Rica

Flying through the jungle attached to only a cable. The zip line takes you across 9 cables stationed throughout the jungle totaling for a distance of 1,320 meters. You will get breathtaking views of the jungle and Pacific Ocean from high above the ground. This tour includes a stop at the Montezuma waterfall where you can choose to cliff jump or rope swing into the pool of water. The perfect way to cool down.

Zip Line Adventure Waterfall swim in Costa Rica

The Creative Adventure:

ATV adventure vacation in Costa Rica You can also choose to make your own adventure by renting an ATV for the day and doing your own exploring. There are a number of trails and paths to take to find hidden waterfalls or hiking trails. If you’re up for an adventure, the ATVs are the best way to get out and explore. An especially favorite spot to explore is the cemetery island in Cabuya. You can only get there on foot when the tide is low. It’s an awesome place to explore and adventure. ATV adventure in Costa Rica

The Sporty Adventure:

Another great adventure for the athletic adventurer is a mountain bike tour. This is a guided tour, but does get you onto beaches and back paths that you can’t access with a car. You’ll find hidden jungles, rivers and trails to explore. While Costa Rica is the perfect place to relax, it is also the perfect place for an adventure vacation.Mountain Bike Adventure in Costa Rica

Three Things You Need to Travel to Costa Rica

Google Map of Costa RicaTravelling internationally is a very different experience than just travelling within the United States, but with simple planning, what can seem like a daunting task will simply be a matter of following common processes. Costa Rica vacation packages typically help with an itinerary for while you’re in the country, but getting to the country is sometimes an adventure all its own.


Here are three things you will need to travel to Costa Rica. Take care of these, and you should be in good shape.


1. Travel Documents

You are going to need both a passport when traveling to Costa Rica. A simple Google search for passport services in your local city should provide info on where to get a passport. It is likely your local Costa Rican consulate can help you out. DO NOT WAIT ON THIS – the process can be lengthy (weeks or even months in some cases), so get your passport as soon as possible.


2. Vaccinations

People ask about vaccinations frequently. You’ll need proper vaccinations with documentation only if flying in from South America. From the U.S. – or Panama or anywhere north of there, you’re a-okay! (Read more about Costa Rica’s Green Season…)


3. Weather Report

It’s always good to know the weather report for the location to which you plan to travel, especially when staying at a beach hotel. Costa Rica is a tropical nation, with a formidable tropical storm season lasting from September through October, and during these months Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is closed. And the rest of the year – well, rainfall is as normal as clear skies here, so pack accordingly!


Once you take care of travel documents, vaccinations, and weather planning, we can get your adventure going with our Costa Rica vacation packages! Let Ylang Ylang Beach Resort help you with making reservations. Call today!


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Costa Rican Vacation

When you embark on your Costa Rica vacation, you will not have a choice about the weather. It will be either nice, or rainy, with rainy being probable as you near the start of the green season. If it is your first visit, you will likely have an itinerary for your trip. Because the weather could change at an instant, there are a few things you can do for a better trip:

  1. Plan extra things to do and see. Make sure some of these things are inside, like visiting a museum and art gallery. It’s a good idea to have several places like this on the list, just in case it rains a lot. If all else fails, head to the beach, where the rain is more tolerable.

  3. Always purchase full coverage insurance on the rental car. This will cover you if you have an accident or hit too many potholes. Expect a lot of potholes during the rainy season.

  5. Always rent a GPS device. Most streets are not marked in Costa Rica. When getting directions from people, it’s likely to receive directions that are based off landmarks. A GPS device will help you to find different places and hidden roads. Just make sure the device is off Simulation Mode.

  7. Avoid the mountains during rainy season. The mountains receive more rain than anywhere else on the island. This means many roads might be washed out or flooded, making them dangerous for travel.

Cultural Exhibits in Montezuma

Though it is a quiet beach town, Montezuma offers many unique activities that allow you to sample the culture during a Costa Rica vacation. Just wandering the town will give you a “beachy” feel while listening to the waves and watching the surfers. There is much more to the beach in this area of Costa Rica.

  1. Cemetery Island. Heading south of Montezuma, you’ll find a scenic road along the beach on the way to Cabuya. It is a 7 km drive through the jungle and along beautiful beaches. On the way, you will pass the Higueron de Cabuya, which is an extremely large strangler fig tree. Once in Cabuya, walk out on the land bridge to Cemetery Island during low tide. Indians once used this island to bury their dead, and today funerals are still held here.

  3. Visit the farmer’s market on any Saturday morning to immerse yourself in the food, crafts, and music of Costa Rica. Many vendors line up to sell their fresh goods, while street artists perform for the crowds.

  5. Fiestas Civicas de Cobano. This fair is located in Cobano, located a short distance outside of Montezuma. It lasts for two weeks each year in February. It features carousels, great food, and crafts for sale. The main event is a large rodeo with daring cowboys and bulls.

  7. The Art Galleries of Puntarenas. In the mountains outside of Montezuma is Puntarenas. This small town offers several art galleries to explore that offer art, crafting, and sculpting classes.

Top 5 Places to Visit for Your First Costa Rican Holiday

When on your first Costa Rica vacation, you might not have a clue where you should go or what to do. There are so many activities to do in Costa Rica, you might not be able to choose. However, there are some activities that you do not want to miss.

  1. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. This area of Costa Rica is completely unique from the rest of the country. Here, most residents speak English. The area is known for its Afro
  2. Arenal. The Arenal Volcano is a sight to see. During a clear day, you can see its conical shape rising in the distance. Take one of the many tours available to visit one of the lakes near the summit. At night, you can watch and hear the small eruptions within this active giant.
  3. -Caribbean culture and delicious Jamaican food. All around you’ll hear reggae playing in every home and business.
  4. Tortuguero. For a great eco-tourism destination, check out Parque Nacional Tortuguero. Here, the jungle is filled with narrow canals. You can rent a canoe to take you through these canals and take an opportunity to watch and take pictures of the local wildlife.
  5. The Central Valley. For outdoor adventurists, the Central Valley is the place to be. Experience some of the best whitewater rafting in all of Central America.
  6. Playa Samara. Playa Samara is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. It offers white sands and turquois seas.

For more information on visiting Costa Rica, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

Costa Rican Canopy Tours

Sometimes Costa Rica vacation packages include activities such as canopy tours. These tours allow you to soar high above the forest floor on a zip line through the treetops. This vacation activity is as fun as it is gutsy. Those who are in fear of heights might not find this activity as inviting.


These tours often include Superman cables and Tarzan swings to keep you entertained for hours. Other tours have elaborate platforms that take you walking through the top of the forest. Bridges take you from platform to platform, sometimes 30 to 60 meters in the air. Leave your fears behind to share this extraordinary activity.


Try out a unique tour with the Monteverde Trainforest. This tour takes you on a miniature train system a whole four miles through the rainforest. You will go through one long tunnel and cross four bridges through the trees. During the trip, take advantage of the views of Arenal and Monteverde. Children are welcome on this tour, and children under 12 ride free.


Another great tour is the SkyTrek. This adventure-packed tour offers zip lines, a tram and hanging bridges. The tour offers daytime hours, but you can also request a nighttime tour. This is a unique opportunity to create memories on your vacation that you and your family will never forget.


When visiting Costa Rica, always explore all of the things you can do in the area where you are staying. You might discover a great new tour or activity that will make your vacation the best you have ever had.


For more information about Costa Rica and attractions, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

Costa Rican Historical Tours: San Jose

When you plan your Costa Rica vacation, consider heading to San Jose for their historical tours. There you can learn about Costa Rican history and explore many of the historical buildings. Several places for you not to miss are listed below.


  1. Our Lady of Sion. The chapel itself is located at Central and 1st Ave. It was built in the years between 1883 and 1887. It was initially a girls’ school and a convent. Today it is one of the older buildings in the city. It functioned as Sion High School through the 1960s, and it now houses part of San Jose’s Legislative Assembly.

  3. The Blue Castle. A well-known politician named Maximo Fernandez built this home in 1908. From 1914 to 1923, the home housed the president of Costa Rica. Several presidents stayed there, including Julio Acosta Garcia, Alfredo Gonzalez Flores, Francisco Aguilar Barquero, and Federico Tinoco Granados. In 1989, the Blue Castle became home to the Legislative Directory.

  5. Costa Rican National Museum. Initially a home built in the 1870s, the Costa Rican National Museum went through several owners before the government bought it in 1914. From 1928 to 1932, the building housed military barracks. Today it is the museum, which houses a pre-Colombian history wing and a wing containing the history of Costa Rica.

  7. Plaza de la Cultura and Banco Central Museum. Built in 1976, the museum was a center for literary, scientific and artistic activities. It was finished and opened in 1982. It houses many exhibitions and two museums within the large building.

For accommodations and travel information in Costa Rica, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.