Travel to Montezuma Costa Rica!

The fastest and easiest way to travel to Montezuma Costa Rica is by domestic flight. Sansa or Nature Airlines, both offer great flights to our local airport in Tambor. From Tambor it is a 30 minute taxi ride to Montezuma. The flight from San Jose to Tambor is 25 minutes, which significantly reduces the time to get here. By car, the trip can take 4-5 hours including the ferry. There are a number of transportation options, but the flight is by far the to Costa Rica

The flight into Tambor also offers some incredible views of the countryside and, once you get closer to Tambor, of the ocean and islands. You’ll get a great photo opportunity of Tortuga Island! This is definitely a fun option for transportation.

Tortuga Island

An aerial view of Tortuga Island.

Costa Rica Travel Packages

Looking to make your travel to Costa Rica more enjoyable? Check out some of our Costa Rica travel packages to find the perfect getaway. Some of our travel packages include romance, adventure, relaxation and exploration.

tropical swimming pool

Each package is unique and allows you to take advantage of exactly the type of vacation you are looking for. Costa Rica has so many options to choose from that choosing a package allows you to know exactly what you’re getting with a couple added perks, such as the two complimentary cocktails that are included with each package.

tropical cocktails

Explore both the beach and jungle or kick back with our Romance Package and enjoy a massage or a bottle of wine.

costa rica spa

Wildlife in Costa Rica

One of the most exciting parts of visiting Costa Rica is the wildlife. Most guests who visit us have traveled from very different parts of the world, where exotic wildlife is nowhere near as rampant and the only places they have seen animals like these are in the zoo. Just here at Ylang Ylang, you will spot white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, iguanas, lizards, agoutis (small rabbit like creatures), red squirrels, and more! You can see a picture of all of these animals on our website. If you keep your eyes open, you will likely see or hear almost all of these animals during your travel to Costa Rica.Costa Rica white faced monkey Ylang Ylang does it’s best to keep the wild animals wild. We encourage guests to not feed the animals or try to get close and touch them. One of the reasons we have maintained an abundance of wildlife is that we continue to keep their habitat as natural as possible. It is  exciting for guests of all ages to see their eyes light up upon seeing the wildlife in Costa Rica!  Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is the perfect place to enjoy the wildlife from the comfort and beautiful surroundings of Costa Rica.Costa Rica Iguana

Three Things You Need to Travel to Costa Rica

Google Map of Costa RicaTravelling internationally is a very different experience than just travelling within the United States, but with simple planning, what can seem like a daunting task will simply be a matter of following common processes. Costa Rica vacation packages typically help with an itinerary for while you’re in the country, but getting to the country is sometimes an adventure all its own.


Here are three things you will need to travel to Costa Rica. Take care of these, and you should be in good shape.


1. Travel Documents

You are going to need both a passport when traveling to Costa Rica. A simple Google search for passport services in your local city should provide info on where to get a passport. It is likely your local Costa Rican consulate can help you out. DO NOT WAIT ON THIS – the process can be lengthy (weeks or even months in some cases), so get your passport as soon as possible.


2. Vaccinations

People ask about vaccinations frequently. You’ll need proper vaccinations with documentation only if flying in from South America. From the U.S. – or Panama or anywhere north of there, you’re a-okay! (Read more about Costa Rica’s Green Season…)


3. Weather Report

It’s always good to know the weather report for the location to which you plan to travel, especially when staying at a beach hotel. Costa Rica is a tropical nation, with a formidable tropical storm season lasting from September through October, and during these months Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is closed. And the rest of the year – well, rainfall is as normal as clear skies here, so pack accordingly!


Once you take care of travel documents, vaccinations, and weather planning, we can get your adventure going with our Costa Rica vacation packages! Let Ylang Ylang Beach Resort help you with making reservations. Call today!


Costa Rica’s Green Season

If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica soon, the wet or green season starts in May. This season lasts from May until November. This season generally discourages many tourists, due to all the rain, but it is the cheapest time to travel. There are many deals on hotels, and attractions have little crowds. Many areas in the interior of the country are unreachable by vehicle until the dry season, but there is still a lot to do.


Expect a lot of rain, as Costa Rica gets up to 25 feet of rainfall each year, mainly in the mountains. The most rain occurs during September and October. Generally, the best weather is during May and June of this period, but it depends on where you plan to travel. The weather on the Caribbean Coast never changes, and it stays slightly wet throughout the year. The Central Valley area, including San Jose, stays nice during this time period, too, with less rain than other areas.


During the wet season, stick to the beaches and the villages close to the beach. The mountains get the most rainfall, more so than anywhere else does. This would be a great time to head to the San Jose area to see the museums and art galleries there. Indoor activities are your best bet, but having a list of places you’d like to see near the coast is a good idea.


For more information and deals for visiting Costa Rica on vacation, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.


Costa Rican Hidden Treasures: 3 Places You Can’t Miss

Travel to Costa Rica

After you travel to Costa Rica, you will leave wanting to come back again and again. Once you get all the must-see sites out of the way, the exploring really starts. There are many areas of the country that you have likely never seen. Check out three of the places that you have likely never heard of, but cannot pass up.


  1. Nauyaca Waterfalls. These falls can only be accessed through a long hike through the woods or by horseback. The tallest part of the falls is over 40 meters, with the smallest part being 20 meters. The sound of the falls thunders, and you can hear it echoing throughout the forest, as you get close. Go swimming in several pools near the base of the falls before you hike back the way you came.

  3. The Tree of Life Tour. Between Dominical and San Isidro del General, you will find this tour. The property contains many acres of rainforest and cloud forest. The forests go all the way to the summit of the Tinamaste Mountains. In the forest, you can visit the Diamante Falls. You can take a hike up to the top of the 600-foot falls and see another 150-foot waterfall with a cave located behind the falls. Spend the night in the cave, which has a full kitchen and sleeping quarters inside.

  5. Los Heroes. The area used to be cow pastures, but it later became a replica of a Swiss village. The village has two restaurants, a hotel, stables, a chapel, and a train station. The village is located on Lake Arenal, giving you views of the volcano and the surrounding mountains.

For more information on where to go or stay in Costa Rica, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.


Costa Rica Weather Outlook: April-May

Costa Rica Weather

April is one of the best times to travel to Costa Rica. This is during the peak of the high, dry season, just before the wet, low season is getting started. This means a majority of your trip will be rain free. However, do expect some minor showers in the evening that only last a few minutes.
Instead of needing umbrellas, you will need lots of sunscreen. The days last almost 12 hours and give out lasting sunlight for that whole time. Areas such as the beaches have little shade, so make use of an umbrella to cover up when the sun is just too much.
Temperatures hold steady in the high 80s and low 90s all month near the coast. If you visit the higher elevations and the forests, the temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees cooler on average. This is great weather for all the activities you may have planned. Do expect that most attractions are crowded during the month of April.
During May, the whole country transitions into the rainy season. However, the first few weeks of May will be very dry. In late May, the seasonal rains come. This means that your last chance to book travel before the rainy season is the second to third week of May. If you are planning a trip last minute, make sure to check the weather predictions. Do realize, though, that the weather could turn at any minute.

Stay Four Nights, Get 5th Night 50% Off

The peak dry season is the ideal time to travel to Costa Rica. The weather is great and all the roads in the country’s interior will be open for travel. This time of year is excellent for weddings on the beach, or for the perfect honeymoon getaway. If you stay at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, you’ll get to take part in the iconic candle-lit dinners, along with the classic exotic resort experience.
Though coupons during this season are rare, the Ylang Ylang is offering 50% off the fifth night of stay if you book four nights in a row. This is a great savings during the busiest time of the year. Don’t wait; if you delay, you might find yourself out of luck, since hotels get booked fast during this peak travel season.
The coupon applies to the popular Tent Cabins at the Ylang Ylang. This great deal applies to your stay between May 1st and May 31st, 2014. This applies only to reservations you make between March 20th and April 30th, 2014. Use the code TCMAY50% to redeem the coupon online or over the phone.
Don’t forget to add 13% in taxes to your total cost of the rooms. The rooms are also subject to availability. This means you need to book now, before it’s too late to reserve your vacation destination. Rooms sell out fast when the weather is this nice in Costa Rica!
For more information on the resort and booking a room, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

Costa Rican Dance

When you travel to Costa Rica, exploring the country and immersing yourself in the culture is paramount. One important aspect of the culture is dance. Children are taught from a young age the dance steps for many of the common and traditional dances. Modern options are available in the discos, but traditional dances play a big part in Costa Rican life.
There are four major kinds of dance in Costa Rica:


  1. Salsa. Salsa dance was popularized in Cuba. It consists of quick steps and sensual movements all to a fast beat. The rhythm is a three-step that is danced over a four beat measure. The man leads in this dance, completing spins and complicated steps.
  2. Merengue. Merengue is one of the most popular types of music to which to dance. Fast footwork and swaying hips make this dance with a two-step beat look amazing. It is a tight dance, with couples sticking in a tight circle, while the man leads.
  3. Cumbia. Cumbia dance takes on a more tropical beat. Originating from Columbia, this dance has a 4/4 rhythm made up of mostly drums and percussion. However, Costa Ricans have made this dance their own with fancy footwork and hopping moves borrowed from jive and swing style dance.
  4. Folk Dance. Traditional folkloric dances are popular at festivals and parades. Each dance tells a different story with complex dance steps and colorful costumes. The Punto Guanacasteco is one of the most popular dances of this type in Costa Rica. 

Traditional Costa Rican Foods

Traditional Costa Rican Foods

While on your Costa Rica vacation, you will experience the culture and food of the Central American country. At the hotels and in the villages, you will find many different types of local food. For picky guests, there are some American, Italian and Mediterranean options available. However, your vacation is not complete without trying some of the country’s delicious traditional meals.
The food is flavorful and mild, with fresh ingredients. Some common types of staples are:

  • Fresh local fruit
  • Fresh local vegetables
  • Rice
  • Black beans

The Costa Rican national dish is the gallo pinto, a breakfast meal. It consists of rice and black beans, mixed with onions and bell peppers. The traditional lunch meal is called the casado. It is a plate of rice, beans, meat and salad. The meat options are usually fish, pork, chicken or carne asada. It is common to have tortillas, fried plantains and cheese on the side. Expect to be offered some Salsa Lizano, a popular condiment sauce that is sweet, but spicy.
For dinner, expect to have some Arroz con pollo, or rice with chicken, which is commonly served with a large Russian salad. Tavern food is popular; with small dishes served that have dip on the side. Most options contain a meat, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Vegetables from the squash family are most abundant within meals, as well as potatoes, onions and peppers.
Beverages found in Costa Rica are similar to other areas of North and South America. Coffee is a national drink, with fresh coffee beans available. Other than coffee, another local drink is the agua dulce, or sweet water. It is water or milk with boiled down sugar cane added.
For more information about Costa Rica, including lodging, contact us at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.