“An Incredible Introduction to Costa Rica”

Costa Rica Beach Resort CustomersWhen visiting Costa Rica, you’ve got many options when it comes to hotels, restaurants, and activities. It’s a great place for single travelers, couples, and families. Our fantastic hotel is located in a secluded area. It is relaxing because it is not a touristy crowded location in a major metropolis. This is one of the only family owned hotels around. Because it is family owned, your stay will definitely be memorable.

But you don’t have to take our word for it — we’ve gotten plenty of testimonials from travelers who’ve stayed with us. Some of the comments include:

“Pura Vida! Amazing! Wow! Ylang Ylang surpassed our expectations; it is not your stuffy, run-of-the-mill resort. It truly is casual relaxation mixed with elite and personalized accommodations.”

- Amy and Will

“What an incredible introduction to Costa Rica by choosing your resort!…I remember standing there and taking the sight of the resort in. I actually teared up because it was so beautiful. All of the different types of flowers, bushes, trees, landscape and how the buildings fit into the surrounding of the ocean was exquisite. We were standing in paradise…Thank you all so much for a vacation we’ll never forget and will highly recommend to all our friends and family. We hope to return some day.”

- John and Lara

“This is a gorgeous, relaxing, lovely corner of the earth. we’ve already decided to come back again & for longer.”

- Jayne & Tom

We’re very appreciative of the kind words, of course, but what we appreciate most is the opportunity to see our new friends come back. Hope to see you soon!

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Start the New Year Off in a Luxury Tent

Luxury Cabin

A New Year is here – what better time could there be to take a long, relaxing vacation in Costa Rica! You deserve to kick off your New Year by doing something special just for you. A Costa Rican vacation will give you the chance to experience the beauty and wonder that is Costa Rica. A tropical vacation is the best gift you could possibly give yourself – and the Ylang Ylang is here to help you make that gift happen.

From now until January 31st, you can enjoy significant savings on reservations made for our tent cabins. As long as you reserve a minimum two-night stay in one of our tent cabins by January 31st and ensure that your vacation falls between March 6th and March 31st, you will save $30 per night! All you have to do is make your reservations directly with the Ylang Ylang to partake of these significant savings! Imagine spending a few days nestled inside one of our luxury tents, listening to the jungle sounds outside the tent walls, and hearing the ocean waves washing up on the beach nearby. What a wonderful way to celebrate the newest year of your life!

If you want to take advantage of these significant savings on our luxury tent cabins, act now – the offer is subject to availability, so if you do not make your reservations soon, you will not enjoy the savings. Contact us today if you have any questions or need any assistance in reserving your luxury tent before January 31st.

Plan a Relaxing Vacation Just for You

Taking a relaxing vacation may seem like a far-off dream, right about now. After all, it is the holiday season, and you are probably swamped with shopping, cooking, and entertaining guests. However, what better time to plan your next vacation than right now? It will give you something to look forward to after the stress of the holidays. Here are some vacation planning tips to get you started!

  • Avoid spur-of-the-moment trips. Instead, take the time to plan out the details. You are much more likely to find money-saving packages by planning ahead.
  • Choose a destination that is going to leave you relaxed and refreshed. This is your vacation – the last thing you want to do is spend it running around in a frenzy! Instead, choose a place where you can focus on YOU for a change, such as the Ylang Ylang!
  • Do some research about your chosen destination to find out what events are on the schedule. You might find an event that you just do not want to miss, which can be helpful in mapping out the timeframe for your getaway.
  • Make your after-the-holidays vacation a time for you. You spent the holiday season doing for everyone else, so splurge on yourself this vacation – you can always take a family vacation later on in the year.
  • Try not to make a strict schedule for yourself. Leave plenty of time for spontaneity, including just resting and relaxing. You will go home feeling like a new person after a long, relaxing vacation.

Why You Need a Vacation – Now!

Taking a vacation is often considered to be a luxury. There are lots of people that simply cannot afford to take time away from work for themselves. However, everyone deserves a break from the rat race. Everyone deserves a chance to relax and unwind without worrying about their jobs, their bills, or their responsibilities. If you are one of those people who never takes time off because your plate is too full, then you need a vacation and it is time to reconsider the benefits of getting away from it all. 


  • Your mind, body and soul are always stressed – a vacation gives you a chance to release that stress by getting you out of the “real world” for a while.


  • There is never enough time for your family, much less yourself – a vacation provides you with the perfect chance to spend quality time with the ones you love, and still have time for your own needs.


  • Money is always a factor in your life – the rested, relaxed, refreshed person you will be when you return from your vacation is priceless. You simply cannot put a price tag on your personal well-being.

In other words, you need a vacation because you need a chance to reconnect with you – the inner you, the you that has somehow gotten lost underneath the job, the bills, the chores, and the rest of your responsibilities. Taking a visit to one of the all inclusive hotels in Costa Rica is the perfect way to reconnect with the person you used to be – and the Ylang Ylang is the place to go.



Significant Savings on Our Swedish Massage for a Limited Time

The Ylang Ylang Resort provides you with the ideal backdrop for your Costa Rican vacation. Not only will you enjoy the mesmerizing scenery and natural environment surrounding our beautiful resort, you will also enjoy luxury accommodations unmatched by other competitors. To help ensure your comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation, a visit to our luxury spa is in order. We are currently offering a 20% discount on our classic Swedish massages! From July 24, 2013 through August 31, 2013, you can partake of either a 50 or 80-minute Swedish massage at the discounted price.

Our Swedish massage therapists utilize a variety of natural oils to knead your body’s muscles. Each natural oil corresponds to a particular need of the body, including reduction of tension and improved circulation. This type of massage will not have your cringing in pain from deep, hard strokes; instead, you will enjoy the relaxing, calming oil being massaged into your skin with light to medium strokes. You will finish your Swedish massage session feeling like a new person — a calm and relaxed person with a new outlook on life!

Even though our spa prices are already competitive, we wanted to thank our guests by offering this limited-time coupon. A 20% savings on a 50 or 80-minute Swedish massage equals significant savings on an unforgettable experience. What’s even better than the money you will save is how refreshed and content you will feel after experiencing the expert hands and techniques of our professional massage therapists. Your next visit to the Ylang Ylang simply must include an amazing Swedish massage – and if you act now, you can enjoy the rejuvenating affects for less.

A Relaxing Vacation in the Most Relaxing of Places

Taking a relaxing vacation to Costa Rica is the ideal way to spend a few weeks of your summer. Costa Rica has numerous activities and attractions to please even the pickiest of visitors. From swimming in the warm, ocean waters, to taking a peaceful stroll on the white beaches or through the protected jungle, Costa Rica is sure to please. If you crave the lights and action of city life, spend some time in Montezuma or other Costa Rican cities to fulfill your desire for excitement. If you prefer some quiet solitude, spend some time at the Ylang Ylang, where you will find peaceful seclusion and a variety of relaxing activities.

Here at the Ylang Ylang, we understand the importance of making your time away from home special. It is not every day that you can take a vacation, so you want your time away to be unforgettable. That is why we strive to provide each one of our guests with the most luxurious of accommodations, as well as the most relaxing of activities. From our luxury spa treatments to our revitalizing beach yoga sessions, you will soon find yourself feeling whole again. If you desire something more than we offer, Montezuma is only a few minutes away, providing you with quick and easy access to the city life of Costa Rica. Your next relaxing vacation should be spent in a location that offers everything you need – luxury, peace, quiet, and a little bit of action. The Ylang Ylang in Costa Rica offers all of that and so much more. Contact us today to learn more and to reserve your room.

Summer is the Time for a Relaxing Vacation

Summer is almost here! That means it is time to start planning a relaxing vacation. Taking a vacation at least once each year gives you a chance to rejuvenate – rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. A vacation takes you out of the rat race and lets you focus on you for a change. You do not have to punch a time clock on vacation – this is your time to relax, unwind and recuperate from the stress that follows you around all year.

Choosing the right destination is essential to having the most enjoyable, restorative vacation. Choose the wrong destination, and you will only add more stress to your life because you will not enjoy your time away. Costa Rica is one of the most ideal destinations for the relaxing, restorative vacation you deserve. Costa Rica has everything you need to restore your mind, body and spirit – beaches, tropical waters, sunshine, and even fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas. Contact us today and start planning your Costa Rican restoration.

A Relaxing Vacation to Enjoy Life Again

Are you in desperate need of a relaxing vacation? Have you struggled to choose a destination? Struggle no more – you need not look further than the Ylang Ylang. Here at our luxury beach resort, nestled in the lavish, lush Costa Rican environment, you will find everything you need for a restorative vacation. You won’t find the hustle and bustle of the city – although Montezuma is just a few minutes away. You can rest, relax, restore, and rejuvenate in the expert hands of our professional staff.

When you visit our resort, you will not be confronted with the traditional resort ambiance. We strive to provide a unique experience, one that is unlike other resorts. We offer numerous activities to help you relax, such as spa treatments and yoga sessions on the beach. Our secluded location adds to the soothing, tranquil environment. If your everyday life has run you into the ground, come to the Ylang Ylang to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start enjoying life again.

We can Help with Your Relaxing Vacation

When you work hard all year round, you want your vacation to be a time when you don’t have to work. You don’t want to spend your days off running, roaming and trying to cram a dozen activities into each day. You want a relaxing vacation where you do what you want, when you want – even if you want to do nothing. Here at Ylang Ylang, we can help you relax, restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

We offer various tours and activities for those days when you do want to experience the beauty of Costa Rica. However, you can choose those activities with a relaxed atmosphere, the ones that are conducive to restoring your body and resting your mind. We understand that you don’t want to stress on your vacation – you merely want to enjoy it. From our spa treatments, to our yoga sessions, you can relax and enjoy yourself while surrounded by the breathtaking Costa Rican environment.

Tips for Planning the Perfect, Relaxing Vacation

Planning the perfect, relaxing vacation takes time and some serious thought. You want to map out all of the details, ahead of time, so that upon your arrival, all you have to do is relax and enjoy. Keep the following tips in mind when planning your ideal vacation:

  •  Choose a destination that is conducive to relaxation – If you place yourself smack dab in the middle of a busy city, you will be less likely to have a relaxing visit. Instead, choose a location like Ylang Ylang – nestled in the natural surroundings of Costa Rica, secluded and private, with a variety of relaxing activities.
  • Plan your activities accordingly – Choose activities that will keep you in a relaxed, calm state of mind. For instance, skydiving, while exciting and fun, is an adrenaline rush – you are not going to be calm and relaxed after falling from the sky. Here at the Ylang Ylang resort, you can enjoy a day at the spa or a relaxing yoga session on the beach.
  • Accommodations are part of the deal – Choose a resort that offers soothing accommodations — perfect for rest and relaxation. We offer a variety of accommodations, including luxury suites and bungalows.