The El Sano Banano Village Hotel – A Non-Traditional Experience

Your Costa Rican vacation should be an unforgettable experience, full of memories that you will cherish forever. Costa Rica is a beautiful destination for unforgettable vacations – but only if you know how to experience this country to its fullest. Rather than staying in a traditional, “chain” hotel, consider staying in a hotel focused on bringing the beauty of Costa Rica to life.

The El Sano Banano village hotel is located in Montezuma. It provides you with full and easy access to surrounding attractions and sights. The rooms are designed to provide you with maximum luxury comfort at an affordable rate. Since this hotel is in such a prime location, you never have to worry about a lack of activities. However, on the same note, the atmosphere of the hotel is so cozy and quaint, you can easily spend your entire vacation within its walls and never feel like you missed a thing.